360: Alive and Kicking – Rolling Stones Feature

“When Matt Colwell casually enters a lounge area in the QT Sydney, a boutique hotel where Art Deco and contemporary design collides in hipster-pleasing fashion, heads turn. Standing 6’4”, short hair shaped perfectly and neck and hand tattoos peeking out from a slim-fit bluish-grey Jack London suit, he looks every inch the rock star. Whether or not the there-to-be-seen hotel patrons seated in plush vintage chairs recognise him as 360 – the ARIA Award-winning rapper behind 2011’s double platinum album Falling & Flying who’s more often than not attired in a baseball cap and T-shirt – is questionable. They eye him up regardless: he carries the cool and swagger of Someone Important. Despite being legally blind in his right eye and the left slowly deteriorating due to the degenerative eye disease Keratoconus, Colwell has become attuned to feeling the looks, hearing the whispers.”

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